Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi' Post

We Have This Hope

Have you ever had to wait for something so badly that you never got that thing? How did it feel? Or have you ever in your life put all your trust, faith and hope in something or someone that eventually disappointed you? In this short reflection, I am going to talk about hope. All of us here have something to hope for. It means our hearts can at some

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God’s redemptive plan in the gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is God’s unique eschatological figure who communicates to the world the fullness of God’s love and plan for everyone. The message of Christ contains a transforming power to save. The concept of “to save” stems from a Greek root that means to heal. Hence, salvation, usually understood in the sense of faith in Christ, brings complete healing of body, soul, and mind. It involves the enrichment of

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Why Christmas is no longer a pagan festival

In a conversation with my senior sister about Christmas, she made mention to me that they are not going to feast again on the 25th December. My inquisitive instinct, as usual, wanted to know more about this. There she explained to me that they have been taught that killing an animal on Christmas day is an offering to the god of Christmas. The moment she finished dropping every word,

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