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The pastor in the face of opposition

The reception of pastors in the parish is almost similar to the prophetic office in the Bible. We may categorically conclude that it is not the reception of the prophet that determined his faithfulness. Rather the obedience of the prophet to God. At certain times, it was extremely dangerous to be called a prophet of God in Israel. The periods of Jeroboam and Ahab were quite unfriendly to the

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Adventists’ response to marrying an unbeliever

The question, “Can an Adventist marry a non-Adventist1” has been discussed in varying perspectives. Young people often ask this question when they are faced with marriages that involve a non-SDA. When this question came up in one Adventist church, a member, who opposes such unions, cited a passage from Ellen White’s writings that purports to forbid such unions. He quoted, “Never should God’s people venture upon forbidden

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