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RE: Ty Gibson’s “So What About The Pope?”

Pope Francis opted for a humble ride in Fiat 500L against the giant US SUVs and the Obama $1.5 million USD armored limo “The Beast”. Does that speak something about the pope? Probably something profound more than just humility as the popular media has concluded.

In a recent collogue at the theological department of the University of Geneva, five theologians from the faculty debated on the ecological

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RE: “COURAGE” by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

About two month ago prior to the GC SESSION 2015 in San Antonio, Texas, Pipim publicly published a short article titled “Why Am I Silent?” about his silence on the present ongoing discussion about the ordination of women (WO). In that small article, Pipim pointed out his silence as his speech and therefore vacates himself from what he supposedly regards as a “distraction”. However, Pipim could not swallow

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