Simple Textual Analysis and Criticism of 1 Corinthians 11: 3 [1-16]

First, let us note the following. Text and context form the basis of an accurate integrity of scriptural interpretation. Text without context is pretext, meaning, justification without reason.

Second, Paul was a meticulous writer. He had both Jewish and Roman citizenship and was raised under the prominent Jewish rabbi and scholar Gamaliel (Acts 22: 1-3, 27). Paul was called by Jesus Christ in a broad day encounter (Acts 9). He received

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ORDINATION OF WOMEN [CASE #TWO]: Ellen White, Women Leadership, and Ordination

The figure of Ellen White transcends all ecclesiastical offices. Like all other prophets, she is appointed, ordained and commissioned by God, and accountable to God alone. A prophet has the final authority as long as he or she speaks in the name of the Lord. This is why Ellen White is an important figure in the ongoing discussion about the women leadership and ordination into the gospel ministry.

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ORDINATION OF WOMEN [CASE # ONE]: Catholicism and Adventism on ordination

Are there some similarities between Adventist conception of ordination and Catholic’s conception of ordination? If any, what are they? And if not, what is the point of departure? In this short article, I will present two perspectives about the understanding of ordination from the two Christian denominations mentioned above. The purpose is to set the premise upon which all theology of ordination (including ordination of women) in the Adventist Church

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