Meaning of Nyankopon and Nyame

The spirituality of Africans and their knowledge about God far predate the coming of the Europeans to Africa1. AKan people of Ghana’s name for God is [O]nyankopon or Nyame. The origin of the names remain obscure and the meaning too remains controversial as well. Ephirim-Donkor’s discussion with Rattray, Danquah and Ellis, postulates the name to mean the Lord of the Sky, Ultimate Friend and Blazing One. Ephirim-Donkor

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Regional Conferences — Diversified in Mission or Divided by Diversity?

When we try to put things in their right place, we begin to see them as they are. Unfortunately, that is not how our white brethren have seen those in the black community. Pastor Dwight Nelson’s recent efforts to dissolve regional conferences exposes, once again, the naiveness of white individuals in their view of the “black thing.”

In this article, I will briefly offer reasons why black people feel more comfortable

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What Will Africans Do With Women’s Ordination?

In the ongoing discussion about women’s ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, many have feared the possible disintegration of churches from the third-world nations—Africa in particular—should women’s ordination be accepted. Most conceive of the African sociological set up as a male-dominated society. I will say that such affirmations are false. A majority of Africans’ reasons for objecting to women’s ordination is common to everyone else, irrespective of where one

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