What Will Africans Do With Women’s Ordination?

In the ongoing discussion about women’s ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, many have feared the possible disintegration of churches from the third-world nations—Africa in particular—should women’s ordination be accepted. Most conceive of the African sociological set up as a male-dominated society. I will say that such affirmations are false. A majority of Africans’ reasons for objecting to women’s ordination is common to everyone else, irrespective of where one

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Maintaining a vibrant prayer meeting

This article was first published in Adventist World Magazine (April 2007)

It’s an empirical fact that prayer meetings in many Adventist congregations are losing their vibrancy. The total number of attendees has rapidly declined in recent years. Prayer meetings seem to have lost their fervor, and are almost dead. This decline is, of course, the result of many factors. It could result from the mood and style

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Avoiding the preaching temptation of egotism

This article was first published in Ministry Magazine (June 2008), an international journal for pastors of all faith.

One of the most dangerous temptations for a pastor comes from the pulpit itself. You may plan to communicate a biblical message; but somehow you end up being the center of attention in the sermon. Most likely, you did not plan it that way, but the important question is

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