Is Christ the end of the law? (Rom 10: 4 KJV), part 2

This is a continuation of a two part series on the Law and righteousness by faith through Jesus Christ. The Law, as it appears in the theological dialogue of the New Testament is the Mosaic Law, often referred to as the Torah. It is not the exclusive Ten Commandment, though inclusive. Up to this point, we can conclude that justification and righteousness are divine impact through Jesus Christ, who

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Is Christ the end of the law? (Rom 10: 4 KJV), part 1

The Greek word translated as end here is “telos”. It simply means the purpose or consummation, i.e., the objective of something’s existence. Here, Rom. 10: 4 should read, “For Christ has already accomplished the purpose for which the law was given. As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God” (New Living Translation).

The “telos” of the Law (Greek: “nomos”, thus customs and obligations needed

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The pastor in the face of opposition

The reception of pastors in the parish is almost similar to the prophetic office in the Bible. We may categorically conclude that it is not the reception of the prophet that determined his faithfulness. Rather the obedience of the prophet to God. At certain times, it was extremely dangerous to be called a prophet of God in Israel. The periods of Jeroboam and Ahab were quite unfriendly to the

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