Was Jesus called “Yeshua Hamashiach” on Earth?

Jesus is the Messiah because the Bible testifies so (Matt. 16: 16-20). However, He was never called or accepted to be addressed by that title in His lifetime on Earth.

Whereas the name Jesus Christ is recurrent in the New Testament, the phrase “Ἰησοῦς ὁ χριστός” i.e. “Jesus the Christ” or in Hebrew “Yeshua Hamashiach” seems to appear only once in the New Testament–depending on which cordex you use.

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Did the Romans invent the story of Jesus?

Without wasting much time, for one to think of the historicity of Jesus as invented hoax is below the academic belt. It’s like somoene who still believes climate change is hoax or holding on to the geocentric theory of the universe. Of course several people continue to hold on to fake theories as though their lives depend on them.

The “Historical Jesus” movement is a twentieth century quest to

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Is Christ the end of the law? (Rom 10: 4 KJV), part 2

This is a continuation of a two part series on the Law and righteousness by faith through Jesus Christ. The Law, as it appears in the theological dialogue of the New Testament is the Mosaic Law, often referred to as the Torah. It is not the exclusive Ten Commandment, though inclusive. Up to this point, we can conclude that justification and righteousness are divine impact through Jesus Christ, who

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