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We Have This Hope

Have you ever had to wait for something so badly that you never got that thing? How did it feel? Or have you ever in your life put all your trust, faith and hope in something or someone that eventually disappointed you? In this short reflection, I am going to talk about hope. All of us here have something to hope for. It means our hearts can at some

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Moltmannian theology on the resurrection and hope

The resurrection and hope has been a conjoint theological theme that has dominated the studies of eschatology since the mid twentieth centuries. Considered as “one of the most influential of contemporary German protestant theologians, in the non-Western as well as the Western world, and in wider church circles as well as in academic theology”1 the father of the theology of hope, Jürgen Moltmann got public attention when

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Christological Theology of Hope

Christological studies or the doctrine of Christ, as known in theological discipline, focus on one man – Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This study, which is primarily Christ centered, respectively has a radical and broad eschatological implication on both faith and soteriological studies. That is, the Greek word “Christos” which is Hebrew “Meshacah” bears something more than just the story of historical Jesus. Jesus “christos” will denote a theological unique identification

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