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From Valentine’s Day to Quarantine Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. Hey, not everything is in the air. What I’m about to share with you are advises I learnt some years back whiles a student at Valley View University. You don’t have to be an expert analyst to perceive the truism of these titbits. As I’m aware myself, to fall in love is so fantastic,however, emotions can be deceptive to lock up

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When faith overcomes fear

My father told a story about a childhood experience of a bad premonition that a traditional priestess revealed about him. At age six, he met the priestess in one of the streets in our hometown where she pronounced the following malediction, “Look at such a handsome boy and witches are going to kill him this Christmas”. Many Ghanaians believe in the operation of witches and according to traditional belief,

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When defeat may seem near

In life, we often experience defeat every now and then. We may come to a point of defeat when we become aware of hitting the end of the road. At such points, defeat may bring fear and trembling, disappointment, shame, sadness, depression, and sometimes even death. Defeat normally comes at the least expected hour, and mostly when our backup plan is all used up. As Christians, what should

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