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Things may sometimes go wrong for good

Nicholas James Vujicic, popularly known as Nick, was born with phocomelia. Persons with phocomelia are born without arms and legs. When the mother first saw her newly born baby, she was so disappointed and refused to see or hold him. But since there was nothing the parents could do to change the situation, they accepted to bring him up trusting that God has a purpose for him in life.

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Re: A Letter To An Adventist Pastor On Renting Church Facility

“Dear pastor, we would be grateful if you can allow us to use your church auditorium for our Sunday worship service since you only use it on Saturday. Our church building was recently destroyed by a rainstorm. I trust that since we serve the same God, our request will be granted.” Your friend, Bishop.

The question above was redirected to me by a friend and colleague minister. At first

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Neighborhood: Where is everyone?

When we heard of her death, only one question gasped out of every mood, “What happened to her?” Having battled with the agony of loneliness, Irene at the age of 27 committed suicide. She had felt useless and alone until that last Friday when she decided to end it all. Irene suffered a brutal loneliness.

Loneliness, whether it’s a community or an individual problem (which I believe are two

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