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Simple Textual Analysis and Criticism of 1 Corinthians 11: 3 [1-16]

First, let us note the following. Text and context form the basis of an accurate integrity of scriptural interpretation. Text without context is pretext, meaning, justification without reason.

Second, Paul was a meticulous writer. He had both Jewish and Roman citizenship and was raised under the prominent Jewish rabbi and scholar Gamaliel (Acts 22: 1-3, 27). Paul was called by Jesus Christ in a broad day encounter (Acts 9). He received

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Meaning of Nyankopon and Nyame

The spirituality of Africans and their knowledge about God far predate the coming of the Europeans to Africa1. AKan people of Ghana’s name for God is [O]nyankopon or Nyame. The origin of the names remain obscure and the meaning too remains controversial as well. Ephirim-Donkor’s discussion with Rattray, Danquah and Ellis, postulates the name to mean the Lord of the Sky, Ultimate Friend and Blazing One. Ephirim-Donkor

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Moltmannian theology on the resurrection and hope

The resurrection and hope has been a conjoint theological theme that has dominated the studies of eschatology since the mid twentieth centuries. Considered as “one of the most influential of contemporary German protestant theologians, in the non-Western as well as the Western world, and in wider church circles as well as in academic theology”5 the father of the theology of hope, Jürgen Moltmann got public attention when

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