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Is “He” A Pastor or Bishop? Question on Church Leadership

The leadership construct in the Old Testament (OT) is obviously unlike that of the New Testament (NT). And both differ from our contemporary understanding of leadership in the church. The OT leadership was mostly on absolutes, whiles the NT model appears more subjective. Check the difference:

OT Leadership
Kingship (dynastic)
Priesthood (Levitical succession)
Prophets (School of prophets or special call)
Sages (Family heads and prominent persons)

NT Leadership


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Do we really need “Perfect Agreement”? Re: Unity in Mission: Procedures in Church Reconciliation

“Upon the approval of this document, even though the full process has not yet been fully identified and approved, entities are authorized to implement the process where there are matters of non-adherence regarding biblical principles as expressed in the Fundamental Beliefs, voted actions, or working policies of the Church and provide a report through the division, or in the case of a General Conference institution through the General Conference

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RE: “COURAGE” by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

About two month ago prior to the GC SESSION 2015 in San Antonio, Texas, Pipim publicly published a short article titled “Why Am I Silent?” about his silence on the present ongoing discussion about the ordination of women (WO). In that small article, Pipim pointed out his silence as his speech and therefore vacates himself from what he supposedly regards as a “distraction”. However, Pipim could not swallow

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